alexds3 (alexds3) wrote,

Ride it

Wow, I haven't done a sketch dump in about a million.5 years. That is a long time! Most of the problem is that I've been working on the comic too much and haven't focused on anything else. But whatever, here's some small stuff.

Some chibis:

For Tobirankai, Deer-in-Headlights and

Zhao!! For Ruff's Water Tribe

If someone deserves to be set adrift on an ice floe, its probably him...

I'll just consolidate some incentives now, since most have come and gone. Start with some fanarts (apologies in advance for annoying sizes but it is nearly as annoying to resize in photobucket)

For Flipside

For Gunnerkrigg

For Lackadaisy

For Diva (lol)

For Johnny Wander

And for PR

I like drawing fanart so much ;____; I wish I had time to do some that took more than 15 minutes. Whenever I start drawing anything for myself nowadays I start panicking cuz I have other more pressing work to do.

Some Meek incentives, obviously they are mostly Luca


Last, cuz I'm nice, the first four letters from that thing:

The point is more to achieve a constant stream of votes through the month, not to deny anyone from getting the wallpaper... well, unless they aren't a reader yet XD Then they are denied. If you don't know what I'm talking about thats okay. Thanks for all the support for the comic so far, I'm surprised nobody has started telling me to shut up yet.

Tags: angora, concepts, fanart, hyla, luca, ulyer, wips

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